• 3000 PSI Accumulators
  • Accumulator Accessory
SCH-1 Qrt
Mounting Brackets for Accumulators
Designed for specific use on Accumulator installation, both
Clamps & Bases are supplied complete with Rubber
Support to ensure rigid mounting.
62.50 62.5 USD
Maximum Working Pressure: 3000 psi @ 200°F
Minimum Test Pressure: 4500 psi
Nominal Capacities: 1quart, 1.0, 2.5, 5.0, 10.0 & 15.0 gal.

Shell: Designed and Manufactured in accordance with ASME Code Rules,
Section VIII, Division 1
Material - Chrome Molybdenum Steel, SA372 Grade E, Class 70
(Meets 4 : 1 Safety Requirements)
Separator Bag: Totally enclosed molded synthetic rubber bag in
a range of materials. Integral steel stem fitted with gas valve
assembly, sealing cap, O-ring, locknut and protective cap.
Fluid Port Assembly: Poppet type assembly
manufactured in AISI 4130 carbon steel
specifications, complete with molded
retaining rings, locking ring and bleed plug.
Inspection: Shell certified throughout
manufacture with witness testing by
independent authorities, ASME approval
and “U” code stamped.

Finish: One coat epoxy based primer.
Special finishes available
565.00 565.0 USD