Hydraulic Technician Apprentice

Williamsport, United States

Job Summary: As a Hydraulic Technician Apprentice, you will undergo comprehensive training and hands-on experience to become proficient in the installation, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of hydraulic systems. Working under the guidance of experienced technicians, you will learn the skills and techniques necessary to support the operations of the hydraulic service team.


  1. Assist in the assembly, installation, and testing of hydraulic systems according to specifications and blueprints.
  2. Learn to perform routine maintenance tasks such as inspecting components, checking fluid levels, and replacing worn parts.
  3. Assist in troubleshooting hydraulic systems to diagnose and resolve issues effectively, under supervision.
  4. Participate in the disassembly and repair of hydraulic components including pumps, valves, cylinders, and actuators.
  5. Develop proficiency in using specialized tools and equipment safely and accurately.
  6. Follow safety protocols and procedures to maintain a safe working environment for yourself and your team members.
  7. Maintain accurate records of work performed, including maintenance activities, repairs, and service history.
  8. Communicate effectively with team members and supervisors to report progress, seek guidance, and discuss any challenges encountered.
  9. Participate in training programs and educational opportunities to enhance your knowledge and skills in hydraulic systems.


  1. High school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Strong mechanical aptitude and a desire to learn about hydraulic systems.
  3. Ability to follow instructions and work effectively as part of a team.
  4. Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  5. Willingness to work in a hands-on environment and learn new skills.
  6. Basic understanding of mathematics and technical drawings is beneficial.
  7. Physical fitness and the ability to lift heavy objects and work in various conditions.
  8. Commitment to safety and adherence to safety protocols at all times.

Salary: $15 per hour. After completion of a 4 month program the candidate will have the opportunity interview for a Hydraulic Tech 2 job. An outline of our program is provided below. 

  1. Basic Hydraulic Principles:
    • Provide introductory training sessions on fundamental hydraulic principles, including fluid dynamics, pressure, flow, and force.
    • Explain the components of a hydraulic system, such as pumps, valves, cylinders, and actuators, and their respective functions.
  2. Hands-On Training:
    • Assign the apprentice to shadow experienced technicians and assist them in performing basic tasks such as system assembly, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
    • Encourage the apprentice to ask questions, take notes, and actively participate in hands-on learning activities.
  3. Technical Skills Development:
    • Gradually introduce the apprentice to more complex tasks and procedures as their confidence and proficiency increase.
    • Provide opportunities for the apprentice to practice using specialized tools and equipment under supervision.

Ongoing Development:

  1. Mentorship and Feedback:
    • Assign a dedicated mentor to provide guidance, support, and feedback to the apprentice throughout their training period.
    • Schedule regular check-in meetings to discuss the apprentice's progress, address any concerns, and set goals for skill development.
  2. Continued Education:
    • Encourage the apprentice to participate in relevant training programs, workshops, and seminars to further enhance their knowledge and skills in hydraulic technology.
    • Provide access to online resources, instructional videos, and industry publications to facilitate continuous learning.
  3. Performance Evaluation:
    • Conduct periodic performance evaluations to assess the apprentice's progress and proficiency in key areas.
    • Provide constructive feedback and identify areas for improvement to help the apprentice reach their full potential.


Customer Relationship
Personal Evolution
Administrative Work
Technical Expertise

What's great in the job?

  1. Hands-on training and mentorship from experienced hydraulic technicians.
  2. Opportunity to gain valuable experience and develop technical skills in a growing industry.
  3. Competitive compensation and potential for career advancement within the company.
  4. Access to educational resources and opportunities for professional development.
  5. Contribution to the maintenance and repair of essential hydraulic systems across various industries.